About this Blog

Welcome to Women in Journalism, a blog created by four journalism students: Ashley, Carrie, Danielle and Melissa. From past to present and aspiring to famous, we can’t wait to share information about all things journalism in relation to women.

One thought on “About this Blog

  1. Well done ladies! It is nice to see women today taking advantage of the platform prepared for them by the female authors of the past that had to stick their necks out to make a place for themselves in the published world. All writers have to struggle to become authors, but in many ways the women struggling today are standing on the shoulders of yesterday’s victories. As a writer myself, I hope with you to have an impact on the future of the writing world. Even if it is a small contribution. We are able to face our trials because the people you are writing about on this blog have helped to conquer other ones.

    This is a wonderful tribute to mothers of literature, and a great way to assess where we’re at as a writing and reading society, and where we can go from here.



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